Frontend Engineer

Job description

We are looking for a developer that can help us advance on the frontend. Most of us are full-stack, but we could use someone that wants to focus more on our frontend. Our frontend is written in React & Redux and hopefully that excites you! Our main application contains a highly complex and interactive solar design tool. It includes an advanced solar panel editor, built with a HTML5 Canvas overlay on a LeafletJS map that shows high resolution aerial photographs. We even correct for view angle distortions in those photos! You will be helping out on adding new features and maintaining and improving the existing functionality.

What we offer

  • Lots of impact on our product, our culture and the solar world!
  • Lots of freedom in terms of when and where you work, and how you solve problems. We are a hybrid team, crossing multiple borders and seas.
  • A healthy workplace where you regularly work the number of hours you signed up for, and where you are able to get 8+ hours of Sleep.
  • A fun team that values long-term thinking, self-empowerment and is eager to improve.
  • We’re a young scale-up; nowadays we can offer a more competitive salary, depending on your skills and experience. In addition to that we offer Stock Appreciation Rights, so that you can benefit from the growth of the company as well!
  • The chance to learn exciting new things, whether that’s backend skills, GIS or server infrastructure!


Do you want to become part of our ambitious and free-spirited team? Please apply below. We’ll get back to you, promised! Degrees tell us less than code, so don’t forget to link to your social coding profile, tell us who you are, what you like to do and what gets you out of bed each morning. Then we can start talking about the possibilities as soon as possible.

Job requirements

Desired skills

  • You can build nice things with Javascript, with and without frameworks. This goes beyond a simple to-do app.
  • You can write a clear specification or pitch for changes. You can explain problems and solutions to both a technical and non-technical audience. In short, you are a good communicator
  • You are able to pick up new things quickly.
  • You want to work 32 to 40 hours a week.
  • You are able to work with a diverse group of people. You’re not a rockstar or code-ninja, you’re a human, of some form.